The Customary Land Podcast

Let's go surfing...

June 07, 2023 Spike Boydell Episode 8
The Customary Land Podcast
Let's go surfing...
Show Notes

In this episode I discuss several of the customary land related reviews initiated in 2023 by the Rabuka led Coalition Government in Fiji.  These include:
The Review of the Great Council of Chiefs (GCC).
And, as foreshadowed by Prof Steve Ratuva in his public lecture celebrating Ratu Sakuna Day celebrations, and requested at the meeting of the GCC on Bau Island in late May,..
the proposed Review of the iQoliqoli (Fishing Ground) Compensation Policy; and
the proposed Review of the iTaukei Land Trust Board (iTLTB).
This provides a segue into a broader discussion on the April 2023 Cabinet Decision to  Review of the Regulation of Surfing Areas Act (2010).

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